At King’s Church, we believe that growing deeper in our relationship with God and living out his truth is essential. LifeSchool is a comprehensive programme of applied Bible teaching that makes this process accessible for everyone.
The programme is made up of three modules: Foundation, Application and Expansion. Each one examines a different aspect of Christian experience, helping us to understand what God has given us but also revealing spiritual keys that will enable us to live successful lives in the power of the Spirit.

What LifeSchool is

It is a structured approach to building your faith

Each of the nine courses deals with a different aspect of life in Christ

It is practical rather than theoretical

Each unit demonstrates how to put the teaching into practice

It is aimed at personal spiritual development

Each session ends with a time of one-to-one ministry
The terms consist of three courses and each of them runs once every week on Monday, Wednesday and Friday evening at 7:15pm at the church building.

Being part of LifeSchool does not mean that you have to attend all courses but you are free to pick and mix as you wish.

Each session is two hours long, comprising two teaching blocks, a short break and a participatory prayer ministry time at the end. The teaching is in lecture format but LifeSchool is not academic: there are no tests and no written work.

For £10 you can register to the course. Light refreshments and course resources are covered by this fee.

To see an overview of the courses that LifeSchool covers, download the prospectus here.


The 3rd term of LifeSchool begins the week commencing Monday 24, April 2023. Sign up is now open for everyone who in interested. Follow the links below to sign up and find more information.