King's Kids

Our King's Kids team are passionate about teaching children about Jesus, having fun and finding creative ways to engage with the children meaningfully. We run a bible based programme in person during our Sunday service as well as provide additional online content.

Little Acorns Creche

Little Acorns is our Creche class that has children from 1-2 (when your child is due to turn 3 we’ll be in touch about transition dates for them to move through to the Pre School room). The children have a play-based program that allows them to express themselves and also learn about Jesus through songs and other elements.
Check-In is from 10:25am for our morning service, but you can also keep your child with you in the service until a later time.


In our Pre-School class, children from 3-5 years explore different elements of the Christian faith through play, crafts and interactive elements.
Drop off for Pre-School is at 10:15am.
If you’re interested in seeing the teaching plan for Pre-School, simply click here.

Kids Church

Kids Church is a vibrant, bible-based experience for children from school ages P1 - P6. The children get to worship with a band and also learn from passionate team the principles of the Christian faith in engaging ways and form deep friendships. Throughout the year, there are also opportunities to go away for trips and have bigger events like the Light Party every October and more.
Drop Off for Kids Church is from 10-10.30am.

Current Teaching:

FRIENDS - What does it mean to be a good friend?

The kids are exploring different friendships in the gospel accounts and learn what it means to be a good friend.

Memory Verse: "A friend loves at all times, and a brother is born for adversity."
Proverbs 17:17 (NIV)

Junior Leaders Program (P7 Children)

Our P7 Junior Leaders Program is designed to equip P7-aged children with essential leadership skills and to encourage them in their journey with Jesus. During the service the Junior Leaders get to help the team interact with the younger children and gain confidence as they take on a variety of responsibilities.

Check In Info

Check in

When you arrive at the building, head to the child check in stations in the foyer and use the tablets for signing in. Team members will be on hand in case you require any assistance. After confirming your sign in on the tablet, you receive two identical registration stickers with a unique number for your child. Be sure to keep one sticker safe with you and attach the other to your child’s clothing.

Drop off

Once your child is registered, head to the King’s Kids space your child belongs to. This is either the Kids Church up the ramp, or the Little Acorns & Pre-School rooms down the stairs towards the auditorium. The team in the King’s Kids shirts will be happy to greet you and help you out!

Pick up

At the end of the service (around 12pm) head to the rooms where you dropped off your child and follow the team’s instructions to ensure a smooth process. Have your registration slip ready for when you come to pick up your child.