King's Kids - In Person

Our King's Kids team are passionate about teaching children about Jesus, having fun and finding creative ways to engage with the children meaningfully. We're providing material in person during our Sunday service as well as an online programme (see below.)

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Frequently Asked Questions

A member of welcome team will check you and your children in at the front door when you arrive. Kids Church doors open at 10am so you’ll be able to drop your children off as soon as you arrive. We’ll have games and free play for the first half hour before the service starts and we don’t want your kids to miss out!
As you walk to the main auditorium you will see a ramp that leads up to the next floor. This is where all Primary 1-7s should be dropped off. We’ll have members of Kids Team ready to welcome the kids and take them up to the kids spaces. All younger kids will be dropped off downstairs in the Creche rooms.
We now have a P1-2 room and a P3-6 room! Some time will be spent together and some time will be spent apart with their age group. We have teams allocated to the different age groups who will help them settle into the new spaces. Our P7s Junior Leaders will be serving between the kids rooms as needed and meeting with Youth leaders as part of their transition.

No. Your child is welcome just as they are but here are a couple of suggestions that are optional:

  • Money (small amount) for Kids offering
  • Bible, notebook and pen/pencil

At the end of the service (around 11.45) please head to the door at back of the main auditorium (as you’re walking out it will be the door on the back-right). We’ll have members of our team waiting there to direct you up the stairs to the kids room. All children P1-7 will be picked up from the same room.


To make pick up as smooth a process as possible, please have your confirmation email ready with your child/children’s name visible on your mobile device and show as you pick up.

We’ll have a one-way system running for pick up so, after you leave the kids room, you’ll head down the ramp either to the main foyer and exits/or back down the stairs to main arena.

Additional Information & Tips

Give yourself extra time: Keep in mind that our new building is large. It takes longer to walk to the different zones so give yourself plenty of time to drop the kids off and get to your seats in main auditorium in time for the start of the service.

No snack provided: There will be no snack provided at Kids Church at this time so please ensure your child has eaten before drop off. We’ll provide water and cups for those who need a drink.

Keep your mobile device on you: If we need to contact you for any reason during the service then we’ll message your mobile. Please keep your device on you and check for any updates.

Let us know if your child has any special instructions (e.g allergies, additional needs, specific sensitivities) If you have any further questions then email here.

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New with us?

If you're new at King's Church and want to attend with your children, please follow the button below! We'd love to welcome you as a family and have your children be part of King's Kids.

King's Kids - Online

Every week from Sunday morning, King's Kids material will be available on their YouTube page. This material is easy to access, interactive and can even be repeated. Click the button below to find the channel and make sure you subscribe.